Start Your Journey to Becoming a True Sales Professional! 


Aftermarket Growth Solutions offers a variety of online training programs based on the AGS Selling Solutions model we developed.  Selling features and benefits is a thing of the past.  Customers today are looking for solutions to their problems.  One of the biggest reasons that sales practices of the past are no longer relevant is that today's customers are far more sophisticated.  The internet has put all the information they need to run their business at their fingertips.  Pricing, potential suppliers, availability, who can deliver what they need, how quickly and so on.  With just a few clicks it’s right there in front of them on phone, laptop or desktop computer.  

In the past they relied on their sales representatives to provide this same information.  It made them dependent on their sales representatives to stay up to speed.  This has been one of the fundamental transformations that changed the role of a sales professional forever! 

Today's customers are looking for a partner who understands their business as well as they do. Someone who offers up solutions to problems they might not even be aware of.  Or brings ideas to the table that help them reduce cost, complexity, improves customer satisfaction and generally makes their lives easier.  They want to deal with professionals that are up to the challenge.  Professionals that can be counted on as a trusted partner to their business. 

AGS programs are designed to give you the professional skills to be more effective in today’s market, allowing you to meet and exceed the needs of today's customers!